NOLAcoffe.shop searches to offer the temptation of fresh roasted specialty coffee to all its lovers, whilst providing new and surprising arabica coffee origins that will excite curiosity through a correct approach.

We started roasting the coffee beans in an abandoned tailor shop in 17 Iuliu Maniu st., Brasov, Romania, after we refurbished it into the cozy “Croitoria de cafea”, The coffee tailor shop, since 2015.

The “NOLA” freshly roasted arabica coffee palette represents the maturity of the roasting craft achieved through applied exercise and experiments since opening the roastery.

I love my work and would like to share with you the outgrowth of my passion, so let’s navigate together throughout the generous and beautiful taste universe of fresh roasted specialty coffee.

NOLA specialty arabica coffee is:

Freshly roasted no longer that 2-3 weeks from roast date
Recent crop stocked at our traders for no longer than 2 months and delivered in best conditions in the coffee roasters shop
Specialty selected
Omniroast roast level a roast degree valid for many extraction methods that emphasizes bean’s natural acidity along with it’s body and sweetness
Correctly roasted not burnt!